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Bonei Olam was set up in New York in 1999 with one mission, ‘To help couples struggling with Infertility to realise their dream of becoming parents’. Our support work includes emotional support, medical advice & financial assistance.

Bonei Olam has since become the largest Jewish organisation of its kind with established offices in 13 cities within 7 countries and in the UK since 2004. Through our global network, we have a team of advisers always up to date with the latest developments in medical science in relation to the vast array of fertility treatments.

In 2009 a group of individuals saw the need to setup a local Bonei Olam office in Manchester to better assist the ever growing need of its service for those couples living in Greater Manchester. The first Gala Dinner was held in July 2009 with all funds raised from the Manchester community going directly to support those couples living in the area. Our best achievements are the 49 babies that have been born to date to their proud parents living in Manchester. Overall, Bonei Olam has assisted over 6,500 babies to be born across the world.

Please get in touch with us if you require assistance or more information.

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